The popular reasons why do hotels put bibles in their rooms? Updated information in 2023

Are you ever curious why do hotels put bibles in their rooms? Or history Bibles came from in the first place? While it may seem strange, this practice dates back centuries and has its roots deeply intertwined with religious history.

The popular reasons why do hotels put bibles in their rooms? Updated information in 2023

The popular reasons why do hotels put bibles in their rooms? Updated information in 2023

In this blog post, Zachary Xipolitidis will answer this question, as well as where do Bibles originate. So, let’s read, sit back, relax, and brush up on this knowledge of religion!

Salient characteristics of Bible. Why do hotels put Bibles in their rooms?

Salient characteristics of Bible. Why do hotels put Bibles in their rooms?

Salient characteristics of Bible. Why do hotels put Bibles in their rooms?

Why is there bibles in hotel rooms? The Gideon Bible makes it easy for hotel guests to read God’s word, which can be comforting and uplifting. It’s free, and you can give it to Gideons International, a group that gives Bibles to hotels and doesn’t make money from it.

It is a tradition that goes back centuries when travelers stayed in inns. It was in 1908 that the Gideons international- the evangelical Christian group. They were often provided with religious literature for their entertainment and spiritual guidance.

Even today, many hotels place bibles in their guest rooms as a great way to increase evangelism and bring peace and comfort to lonely travelers. Some hotels go even further by providing additional items such as devotionals and prayer books.

Here are reasons why do they put bibles in hotel rooms:

The first and most common reason is to provide travelers with a sense of comfort and familiarity while away from home. Many have found inspiration, consolation, guidance, and spiritual nourishment in the Bible. By providing guests with easy access to this sacred text, hotels are able to offer them spiritual solace during their stay.

Another reason for hotels to place bibles in the rooms is that some guests may consider it a necessity. The Bible has become an integral part of many cultures and religions, and providing access to it in hotel rooms shows respect for those beliefs.

Finally, many hotels also consider the Bible as a part of their marketing strategy. Bibles in hotel rooms are associated with high-quality service, which may lead to repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

In conclusion, why do hotels have bibles in the rooms? Easy peasy! Hotels may place bibles in rooms for comfort, respect, and marketing. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that bibles in hotel rooms can provide many benefits for both guests and businesses alike.

Where do Bibles originate?

Where do Bibles originate?

Where do Bibles originate?

The Gideons International placed the first Bible in a Superior, Montana hotel room to help lonely travelers. Gideon, from the Bible, did what God commanded him without question. Traveling salesmen created Gideons International to share their religion with other business travelers.

This institution was started by and for businessmen who are also evangelical Christians. Nonetheless, members must be businesses, at least 21 years old, evangelical or protestant churchgoers, and working or retired. They give out free Bibles to anyone who finds them helpful, so feel free to take one home if you feel like it.

Bibles and New Testaments are also distributed by the Gideons to hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, domestic violence shelters, prisons, and jails.

Gideons International Isle of Man branch chairman Derek Legg has presented Her Worship the Mayor, Councillor Carol Malarkey, JP., with an inscribed Gideon Bible, as has been the practice for more than 20 years.


Who put Bibles in hotel rooms for the first time?

Why do hotel rooms have bibles? This holy hotel feature came from Gideon International. The organization was started in 1899 when three traveling salesmen met in a hotel room. By 1908, the Los Angeles Times said, it was sending Bibles to hotels all over the United States.

4 reasons why aren’t the bibles in hotels as popular as they used to be?

4 reasons why aren't the bibles in hotels as popular as they used to be?

4 reasons why aren’t the bibles in hotels as popular as they used to be?

Is it a law to have bibles in hotel rooms? In recent years, many hotel chains have moved away from providing bibles in their rooms. Here are 4 common reasons, you need to know:

Increase in non-religious visitors

The increase in non-religious guests who may object to having a bible in their hotel, as well as the decline in religious people, could explain this. Some hotels see religious books as a risk because they don’t want to promote any one religion.

Costs of providing bibles

Hotels can incur costs when providing Bibles. They may need to pay for the books themselves, as well as for regular replacements due to wear and tear. This could be another reason why some hotels are phasing out Bible provisions in their rooms.

Digital age

Technology has changed the way we read our documents. Many people now download their religious literature, including Bibles, onto their electronic devices. This means that hotels no longer need to provide bibles in order to cater to religious guests.

Changing demographics

Hotels may no longer provide bibles due to the world’s shifting demographics, with many countries now having a more diversified population. They might think that giving out religious texts would make some guests feel uncomfortable and hurt their reputation. As such, it is becoming increasingly common for hotels to remove Bibles from their rooms.

FAQs: Why do hotels put bibles in their rooms?

When did hotels stop giving Bibles to guests?

About 15% of hotels have stopped giving religious materials to guests in the last ten years. In 2006, 95 percent of hotels put a Bible in the drawer next to each bed. Today, only 79 percent of them do.

What religion leaves Bibles at hotels?

In 1908, The Gideons International, an evangelical Christian group, decided to give hotels copies of the Bible.

Is it a law to have Bibles in hotel rooms?

Most major hotel franchises allow individual hotel owners to decide whether or not to stock their drawers with religious scripture. And as more hotel chains try to attract Millennial travelers, they are taking Bibles out of their rooms.

May I take the Bible in a hotel room?

Yes, you can take the Bible from a hotel room; however, it is generally considered polite to leave the bible in place for other guests to use. The Gideons International and American Bible Society promoted Christianity by placing bibles in hotels. Some groups believe that placing bibles in hotel rooms can propagate Christianity and comfort guests.


Thus, helped you answer why do all hotels have bibles has its roots in both history and hospitality. What are some other spiritual books frequently found in such places? These questions may certainly spark conversation about this age-old practice, which may or may not have relevance for us today. Thanks for reading!


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