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Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? How do hotels choose pillows?

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? Perhaps this is a popular question many people wonder about after staying at the hotel. Maybe hotel pillows have specific standards?

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? How do hotels choose pillows?

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? How do hotels choose pillows?

Without making you wait long, now let’s explore the reason and find out how do hotels choose pillows with Zachary Xipolitidis!

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Hotel pillows provide a luxurious night’s sleep because hotels often use soft pillows.  The hotel pillow guide will answer all your questions, whether you want to bring the hotel experience home or want to know what pillows hotels use. Here are 3 main reasons why are hotel pillows so comfortable:

Hotel pillows are made of high-end materials

Hotels spend a lot of money on pillows because of long-term cost savings. Inexpensive pillows are frequently made of low-cost synthetic materials that degrade quickly, resulting in a cushion that is flat, hard, and lumpy.

Natural materials of high quality, such as cotton and feathers, were designed by nature to preserve their form and can be fluffed multiple times before the stuffing within goes completely flat.

More expensive pillows are made of numerous layers of material that collapse differently, protecting the layers beneath it and allowing the pillow to retain its firmness while remaining soft

Hotel pillows are  adjusted and changed more frequently

Hotel pillows are replaced more frequently than home pillows, despite the fact that the materials are of higher quality. And they must be washed on a regular basis, but damaged or discolored ones are discarded. Many home pillows are repaired or tucked into a pillowcase when they are somewhat broken.

As a result, hotel pillows are replaced every few months rather than every few years as most residential pillows are. New pillows necessitate the use of entirely new materials; guests are typically using pillows that have reached the end of their material life.

Hotel pillows provide various head supports

Hotel pillows are higher quality and fresher than ones at home, and they are designed differently to support the head and neck. These might be beneficial for you depending on how you sleep. The height and shape of the cushion have a lot to do with guest comfort, so it’s crucial to question the front desk about the brand name and type of pillows. By taking care of your pillows, you can ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for years to come.

An appropriate pillow height can provide adequate support for the head and neck to reduce the stress in the cervical spine and relax the muscles of the neck and shoulder, thereby relieving pain and improving sleep quality

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How do hotels choose pillows?

How do hotels choose pillows?

How do hotels choose pillows?

When choosing the right pillow for their hotel, hotel owners think about a number of things, such as how firm it is, how much it costs, and what it’s filled with. This is why the pillows in a hotel feel so much more comfortable than the ones we use at home.

What type of pillows do hotels use? Below will be the factor that a hotel looks for in a pillow and what you should look out for if you want hotel-quality pillows.


Hotel pillows are often made from high-quality materials that make them comfortable and supportive to give guests a good night’s sleep.

The pillow cover and filling determine its quality. Most high-quality pillows use either synthetic down or 100% duck or goose down or feathers.

Most people use 100% breathable cotton covers. Cotton is soft and temperature-regulating, making it ideal for hotel quality pillows.


Hotel pillows use several fill materials. Down and synthetic down pillows are the most common. Down pillows are the most comfortable.

Hotels use feather pillows too. Feather pillows are cheaper than down and still comfortable for hotel guests.

Memory foam pillows are pillows people have on their beds at home because they are replaced more often, and use more. Memory foam pillows mold the sleeper, making them unsuitable for sharing.


It can be hard for hotels to choose the right level of firmness because it often comes down to personal taste. This is why it’s not unusual for some luxury hotels to stock up on pillows of different firmnesses.

Most hotels will have two pillows on the bed, with different levels of firmness. The top pillow is usually softer than the bottom one, so guests can choose which pillow they like best.


The size of a pillow can have a big effect on how comfortable it is. Most of the time, bigger pillows are used for comfort, while smaller pillows can be used to support certain parts of your body while you sleep.

Most hotels have two big pillows for sleeping and one smaller one for back support. When buying pillows, try to think about how big your bed is and what kind you need the most.

If you wake up with aches in your upper or lower back, a few small pillows can help relieve the pressure.


Any pillow’s loft should support your upper back, neck, and shoulders. Hotel owners generally provide a range of pillows loft so that guests can rest or read in bed with this.

We recommend trying out several loft styles for your home until you find one you like. Trying out a few lofts before deciding is the best way to find one you like.


Hotel pillows should provide maximum comfort at a low cost. Hotels don’t want to spend a lot on one pillow, so they’ll consider the price.

They don’t want to buy cheap and have guests complain, either. Hotels use mid-range pillows, while 5-star hotels use luxury pillows.

There are some great budget hotels that match hotel quality. Compare pillows to find a price you can afford.

Anti-allergens ability

Most hotels stock anti-allergy pillows for allergy sufferers. These are kept separately and given to hotel guests upon request.

Hotels use some anti-allergenic pillows. This means hotels usually buy anti-allergenic pillows.

For nighttime allergies, microfibre and hollow fiber pillows are best. If you have allergies, avoid goose and duck feather fillings.

Regulation of temperature

Hotel guests are picky about room temperature. Hotels choose pillows that regulate temperature to keep guests comfortable. Summer pillows should be cool to prevent overheating. Winter requires warm pillows. Cotton covers are popular for regulating pillow temperature because they’re breathable.

What kinds of things are used to fill hotel pillows?

What kinds of things are used to fill hotel pillows?

What kinds of things are used to fill hotel pillows?

What pillows do hotels use? The fill material is the main reason why hotel pillows are softer and more luxurious than ordinary ones. Polyester fill isn’t often used in hotel pillows because it doesn’t hold its shape and wears out quickly.

Here is factor help to fill hotel pillows in the hotel:


The rough outer feathers of geese and ducks are used to make feather fill. This kind of filling is used in hotel pillows. It is made of feathers. This choice is less expensive than down and is great for hotels with guests who want firm pillows.


Geese and ducks make the feathers that go down. The fine, soft feathers are under the tough outer feathers. A great thing about down hotel pillows is that they are supportive, light, and soft. Their high-end feel makes them a great choice for hotels.

Down alternative

Synthetic fibers are used to fill down alternatives. Down alternatives are cheaper than real down, but they are just as soft and light. Synthetic fibers don’t cause allergies.

Memory foam

Memory foam is a viscoelastic poly-foam that softens with body heat and rebounds when cooled. Cooling gel or shredding prevents overheating. These hotel pillows accommodate various sleeping styles.

Best hotel pillow reviews nowadays

Best hotel pillow reviews nowadays

Best hotel pillow reviews nowadays

Hilton hotel pillow

What kind of pillows do hotels use? Hilton hotel down and feather pillows have feathers inside and down outside. Because down covers feathers, this pillow is long-lasting and quill-free. Hilton Hotel’s down alternative pillow is perfect for feather-free guests.

Best western hotels pillow

The Best Western Hotels Pillow is lead-free, phthalate-free, and odorless. Lofty and soft, the medium-density EnviroLoft down alternative pillow is ideal. The pillow’s cover and fill are hypoallergenic, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.

Langham hotels pillow

What pillows do 5 star hotels use? The Langham Hotels Pillow is made by EnviroLoft down alternative and 25/75 feather blend pillows are luxurious and comfortable. Allergy sufferers can use the feather blend pillow.

Doubletree hotel pillow

Doubletree Hotels around the world offer luxurious sleep with top-of-the-line pillows. Down Dreams makes a pillow downfall.

Wyndham grand luxury hotel pillow

Sealy makes Wyndham Grand Luxury Hotel Pillows. 50/50 down/feather fill. Supportive, lofty pillows ensure a great stay. Durable and plush, the pillow. Gel fiber is hypoallergenic.

Radisson hotel pillow

The hotel’s Down Surround pillow’s pillow-in-pillow design is unique. It has a down pillow loft and feather pillow support. Down and feather are dust- and allergen-free. It supports various sleeping positions.

Radisson Hotel pillows have soft, durable 100% cotton covers. The cover keeps feathers down.

Marriott hotel pillow

Pacific Coast makes the pillows for the Marriott hotel. Inside, they use feathers and down from ducks and at least 75% goose down. There are also pillows that don’t have down. The pillows are free of allergens and meet the highest standards set by Marriott.

Intercontinental hotel pillow

Downlite makes the Intercontinental Pillow. The down-fill pillow has a feather core and down layers from bottom to top.

Hotel guests sleep peacefully on chamber-style pillows. An excellent cover and down fill provide a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

The pillow conforms to the neck and head to relieve tension and stiff neck muscles. It suits side, stomach, and back sleepers.

How do I know how firm my pillow is?

How do I know how firm my pillow is?

How do I know how firm my pillow is?

You side-sleep

Side sleepers should choose medium-firm to firm/extra-firm pillows. Down and feathers or synthetic fillings are available. Synthetic feels more solid and resilient. Feather-and-down fillings breathe better and support better. If you want more filling and counterpressure, choose firm or extra firm.

You sleep stomach-down

Stomach sleepers twist their necks. Sleeping without a pillow or with a soft one is best for your body. Choose a soft pillow from our selection. The softest support is feathers and down.

You back-sleep

Back sleeping is best for your neck and back. Medium or medium-firm pillows will keep your spine and neck straight. Fill and support the neck cavity. Our hotel size of 50×90 works well because the pillow is smaller, balancing the filling. Choose a medium for synthetic, which feels more solid and resilient. Feather and down fillings ventilate better and provide softer support. Choose medium-firm.

FAQs: Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Where do most hotels get their pillows?

Hotels buy pillows in bulk from manufacturers. These pillows are often made for the hotelier. Finally, consumers can buy most hotel-grade pillows.

Are hotel pillows cleaned between guests?

Sheets, pillowcases, and towels are cleaned after each guest’s stay.

How long do hotels keep pillows?

Pillows are mostly replaced during soft goods replacement. A hotel’s pillows have been in service for this long. Pillows should be replaced every two years, according to most hotel industry experts and many sleep experts.

How often do hotels replace pillows?

A typical hotel pillow lasts 18–36 months.


Now, you already know why are hotel pillows so comfortable. If you want to recreate the feeling of being in a five-star hotel at home, try using hotel-quality pillows. That experience will give you a good sleep.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, let’s contact to answer!


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