TikTok Stars Coco Bliss and Grace’s Hotel Hallway Fight Caught on Camera Goes Viral, Prompting Police Intervention

In this viral video, witness the dramatic moment TikTok stars engage in a heated altercation within a hotel hallway. As tensions rise, police swiftly intervene, capturing the chaotic scene on camera. Don’t miss this captivating footage of social media sensations caught in an unexpected clash that has taken the internet by storm.

What led to the fight between TikTok stars Coco Bliss and Grace in the hotel hallway?

The fight between Coco Bliss and Grace in the hotel hallway was a culmination of an ongoing feud between the two TikTok stars. It is believed that their animosity started when they first crossed paths at a New York City hotel’s elevator. The exact reason for their initial confrontation is unclear, but it seems that there were simmering tensions and disagreements between them prior to this incident.

As tensions escalated, both Coco and Grace began publicly sharing their grievances on social media platforms, fueling the rivalry even further. The situation eventually reached a boiling point when they found themselves in close proximity once again at the hotel. This led to a heated altercation that quickly turned physical and spilled into the hotel hallway, where passersby captured videos of their fight.

It is important to note that the exact details leading up to the fight are still unclear, as different accounts have been circulating online. Nevertheless, it is evident that pre-existing tensions played a significant role in sparking this explosive confrontation.

Reasons for the feud:

  • Personality clashes: Both Coco and Grace have distinct personalities and styles that may have clashed with each other.
  • Misunderstandings: Miscommunications or misunderstandings could have contributed to escalating tensions between them.
  • Competition: As popular TikTok stars, there may have been an element of competition between Coco and Grace for attention and followers.

How did the video of their fight go viral on social media?

The video of Coco Bliss and Grace fighting in the hotel hallway went viral on social media due to its shocking nature and the involvement of well-known TikTok personalities. As bystanders witnessed the intense physical altercation unfold, many immediately took out their smartphones to record what was happening.

The videos were shared across various social media platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They quickly gained traction as people were captivated by the drama and eager to witness the confrontation between these two popular figures.

Furthermore, fans of both Coco and Grace actively contributed to the viral spread by sharing the videos on their own accounts and discussing the incident on comment sections and forums. The footage was also picked up by news outlets and entertainment websites, further amplifying its reach.

Factors contributing to the video’s virality:

  • The involvement of well-known TikTok stars: Coco Bliss and Grace have large followings on TikTok, which increased interest in their altercation.
  • The shocking nature of the fight: Physical altercations are rare among influencers, making this incident particularly attention-grabbing.
  • Active fan participation: Fans actively shared and discussed the video on social media platforms, helping it gain momentum.

Why is Grace being called “Karen” by fans?

Why is Grace being called "Karen" by fans?

Grace, who has over a million TikTok followers, is being called “Karen” by fans due to her behavior after the fight. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Grace can be seen threatening to sue others involved in the altercation. Her dramatic and entitled reaction has led fans to compare her to the stereotypical “Karen” archetype, known for their entitled and demanding behavior.

Reasons why fans are calling Grace “Karen”:

  1. Threatening to sue others involved in the fight.
  2. Dramatic and entitled behavior captured on camera.

What did Grace threaten to do after the fight? Has she filed a lawsuit against Coco yet?

In a video that emerged after the fight, Grace can be heard threatening to sue multiple individuals involved in the altercation. However, as of now, Grace has not officially filed a lawsuit against Coco or anyone else related to the incident. The matter remains unresolved and it is uncertain if legal actions will be taken in the future.

Details regarding Grace’s threats and lawsuit:

  • Grace verbally threatened to sue multiple people involved in the fight.
  • No official lawsuit has been filed by Grace against Coco or anyone else at this time.

Why was Coco arrested after the fight? Who called the cops on her?


Coco Bliss was arrested following the hotel brawl with Grace. It is unclear who specifically called the police on Coco, as there are different speculations among fans regarding who reported the altercation. Some believe that it was Grace who made the call, while others speculate that it could have been the hotel staff.

Possible reasons for Coco’s arrest and speculations regarding who called the cops:

  1. Coco was arrested due to her involvement in the physical altercation with Grace.
  2. The identity of the person who called the police remains unknown, with fans divided between blaming Grace or suspecting the hotel staff.

How are TikTok users reacting to this drama? Are they taking sides between Team Grace and Team Coco?

How are TikTok users reacting to this drama? Are they taking sides between Team Grace and Team Coco?

The drama between Coco Bliss and Grace has captured the attention of TikTok users, sparking a divided response among viewers. Many TikTok users have taken sides, forming “Team Grace” or “Team Coco” in support of their favorite influencer. The hashtag #TeamGrace and #TeamCoco have been trending on the platform as fans express their opinions about the incident.

TikTok users’ reactions and division into teams:

  • TikTok users are actively discussing and engaging with the drama surrounding Coco and Grace.
  • Fans have formed opposing teams, either supporting Grace or Coco based on their personal preferences.

Can you describe what happened in the video of Coco and Grace fighting in the hotel hallway before the cops arrived?


The video capturing Coco Bliss and Grace’s fight in a New York City hotel hallway before the arrival of law enforcement has gained significant attention online. The footage shows an intense physical altercation between the two influencers. Coco can be seen holding onto Grace’s hair while pinning her to the ground, leading to a heated exchange of expletives. Attempts from both sides to kick each other during the struggle can also be observed. Most videos online showcase the fight after Coco’s wig has been ripped off, with her red faux hair lying by the side of the hallway. Additionally, Grace later posted a TikTok video playing with Coco’s lock of false hair, adding further insult to injury.

Description of the Coco and Grace hotel brawl:

  • The video captures an intense physical altercation between Coco Bliss and Grace in a hotel hallway.
  • Coco holds onto Grace’s hair, pinning her to the ground, while both exchange verbal insults.
  • Attempts to kick each other during the fight can be observed.
  • Coco’s wig is ripped off during the altercation, and Grace later posts a TikTok video playing with it.

In a startling footage, TikTok stars were captured engaging in a heated altercation within a hotel hallway before law enforcement intervened. This viral video serves as a reminder of the increasing influence and scrutiny faced by social media personalities. The incident highlights the potential consequences of online fame and raises questions about the responsibility these individuals hold as role models for their followers.

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