1. Agreement N.V. User-gcfhotel.net 1.

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2. Terms of change

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3. Accessing/Using the Platform

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4. We do not sell hotel or tourism products

Hotel room service comparison platform. gcfhotel does not provide, own or manage the Hotel Products that you may access through our Platform. “Hotel supplier”—the hotel or the person assisting in the booking of the hotel—owns, controls, or supplies the Hotel Products (e.g., an online travel agency). The Hotel Suppliers are responsible for the Hotel Products and all booking agreements, including gcfhotel Express Bookings. Only Hotel Suppliers can order Hotel Products. You must accept and understand the Hotel Supplier terms and privacy policy. You must also agree to and understand the hotel’s rules, if different from the Hotel Supplier’s rules. If your reservation goes wrong, gcfhotel is not responsible. gcfhotel does not manage hotel products or suppliers. Our FAQ, included in these Terms, explains how gcfhotel works.

gcfhotel can provide tours, events, attractions, cruises and other tourist destination services. gcfhotel does not provide, own or manage destination tourism goods available on our Platform (“Tourism Products”). Third parties (“Tourism Product Providers”) own, control or supply the Travel Products, either directly (e.g. tour operators) or through facilitators (e.g. tour operators) e.g. online travel agency). The Travel Product Provider handles the booking contracts and the Travel Product. You must accept and understand the Travel Product Provider’s terms and privacy policy. You must also agree and understand the terms and conditions of the Travel Product operator, if different from the Travel Product Provider.

If your reservation goes wrong, gcfhotel is not responsible. gcfhotel does not control the Hotel Products, Travel Products or Suppliers. Our FAQ, included in these Terms, explains how gcfhotel works.

gcfhotel hosts Vendor Content (prices, photos and more) and User Content (comments, ratings and more). gcfhotel has no control over the accuracy, quality, completeness, reliability, timeliness or reliability of the Content. We cannot promise that Vendor Content, including prices, will be updated in real time or that Products will be accessible. As a result, the Provider’s price may differ from the Platform’s price. We cannot guarantee ratings or User Content on this Platform.

5. gcfhotel Book and Go and Instant Booking

The “gcfhotel Express Booking” and “gcfhotel Book & Go” services on our Platform enable hotel reservations. From time to time we may offer gcfhotel Express Booking and/or Book & Go. If you use gcfhotel Express Booking or Book & Go (if applicable), gcfhotel will transmit your booking information to the Hotel Provider specified on the booking or payment page. Our Platform is just a user interface and you will only have a legit booking with the Hotel Provider if you receive an official confirmation within two days of the Hotel Provider’s approval your reservation. Your reservation contract is with the Hotel Supplier. gcfhotel will include the Hotel Supplier, the seller on file, on the checkout page, the booking site, and terms and conditions. gcfhotel does not describe the Hotel Products, set prices or fees, confirm reservations, or provide the Hotel Products that you order. You agree to handle reservations and Hotel Products concerns with the Hotel Supplier.