Sandra Sully’s Recent Hand Injury Raises Concerns: Is She Leaving 10 News?

Sandra Sully’s Recent Hand Injury: Find out what happened to the esteemed journalist and where she is now in this viral video that has everyone talking. Stay tuned for the surprising details!”


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What happened to Sandra Sully’s hand?

Veteran Ten news presenter Sandra Sully has recently appeared on television with her hand heavily wrapped in a bandage, sparking concerns from viewers. She was seen reading the 5pm headlines for 10 News First with two of the fingers on her left hand concealed under a medical wrapping. Network 10 confirmed that Sully had undergone surgery after being injured the week prior. Although the details of her specific injury have not been disclosed publicly, it is described as a small injury that required minor surgery on her finger.

Sandra Sully’s hand injury has raised questions about what caused it and how it occurred. However, no information has been provided about the cause of the injury or any specific details about how it happened. It remains a private matter for Sully and she has not made any public statements discussing the incident.

Concerns from fans and well-wishers

The sight of Sandra Sully with her hand heavily wrapped in a bandage has sparked concern among fans and viewers. Many have taken to social media to express their worries and wish her a speedy recovery. The lack of information about the nature of her injury has only heightened these concerns, as people speculate about what might have happened to cause such an injury.

Despite these concerns, Network 10 released a statement assuring everyone that Sandra Sully is doing well after undergoing surgery for her hand injury. While she may be temporarily sidelined from her usual duties, it is expected that she will make a full recovery and return to presenting once she has healed.

Has Sandra Sully undergone surgery for her injury?

Has Sandra Sully undergone surgery for her injury?

Yes, Sandra Sully has indeed undergone surgery for her recent hand injury. According to Network 10, she underwent minor surgery on her finger following a small injury. The specific details of the surgery have not been disclosed, but it appears to have been a necessary procedure to address the injury and aid in her recovery.

Recovery process

Following her surgery, Sully is said to be doing well and currently on the mend. While the exact timeline for her recovery has not been shared publicly, it is expected that she will need some time to heal before returning to her regular duties as a news presenter. The bandage seen on her hand during her recent appearance on Ten News First is likely part of the post-surgery care to protect the healing area.

Sandra Sully’s fans and well-wishers have expressed their support and wishes for a speedy recovery on social media. It is likely that she appreciates the outpouring of support during this time and will update viewers when she feels ready to share more about her progress.

Is Sandra Sully leaving Ten News after her hand injury?

There is no indication or official announcement suggesting that Sandra Sully will be leaving Ten News following her recent hand injury. While it may be necessary for her to take some time off while she recovers from surgery, there are no reports indicating a permanent departure from her role as a news presenter.

Sandra Sully’s long tenure at Ten News

Sandra Sully has been a prominent member of the Ten News team since 1990. She has become one of the most recognizable faces on Australian television and has built a strong reputation for delivering news with professionalism and credibility. Throughout her career, she has covered significant events and breaking news stories, establishing herself as one of Australia’s respected journalists.

Given Sandra Sully’s long-standing connection with Network 10 and her dedication to journalism, it seems unlikely that she would leave her role on Ten News permanently due to a hand injury. Once she has fully recovered, it is expected that she will return to her position as a news presenter and continue her contributions to the network.

When did Sandra Sully join the Ten News team?

When did Sandra Sully join the Ten News team?

Sandra Sully joined the Ten News team back in 1990, marking over three decades of her association with Network 10. Throughout her tenure, she has become one of the most recognized and respected news presenters in Australia.

A trailblazing journalist

Sandra Sully’s career at Ten News has been filled with notable achievements and groundbreaking moments. She made history as the first Australian journalist to break the news of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a pivotal moment in modern history. Her dedication to delivering accurate and timely information has earned her admiration from colleagues and viewers alike.

Over the years, Sandra Sully has become synonymous with Ten News, providing regular updates on significant events both nationally and internationally. Her contributions to journalism have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the industry.

What was Sandra Sully’s most embarrassing live TV moment?

What was Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully recently shared one of her most embarrassing live TV moments during an episode of the “I’ve Got News For You” podcast. She recalled an incident where she struggled to finish a bulletin about a kangaroo “playing with his testicles.” The mishap occurred when she was thrown off guard by unexpected footage during a golf tournament story featuring kangaroos on the course.

The unexpected kangaroo story

During one particular broadcast, Sandra Sully was busy and had not reviewed all of the footage for the story before going on air. As she was reading out news headlines, a video clip showing a kangaroo amusing itself by playing with its testicles rolled. Sandra was caught off guard by the unexpected nature of the footage, and she found it difficult to maintain her composure and finish the bulletin.

The embarrassing moment was further amplified by the fact that it happened during international coverage, making it all the more challenging for Sandra to regain her composure while on air. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, she managed to carry on and finish the bulletin but not without some difficulty.

How is Sandra Sully currently doing after her surgery?

Sandra Sully is reported to be doing well after undergoing surgery for her recent hand injury. Network 10 confirmed that she is on the mend and recovering from the procedure. While no specific updates about her current condition have been provided publicly, it can be assumed that she is taking the necessary time to rest, heal, and follow any post-surgery rehabilitation protocols as advised by her medical team.

Support from fans

Sandra Sully’s fans and well-wishers have expressed their support and concern for her on social media platforms. Messages filled with encouragement and wishes for a speedy recovery have flooded in, showcasing the strong connection she has built with viewers throughout her career. The messages of support are likely providing comfort to Sandra as she navigates through her recovery process.

Given Sandra Sully’s resilience and dedication to her craft, it can be expected that she will make a full recovery in due course. Her return to presenting news will likely be eagerly awaited by both colleagues and viewers who appreciate her professionalism and expertise.

Recovery after Surgery

After undergoing minor surgery for her finger injury, Sandra Sully is currently on the mend and doing well. The surgery was necessary to address a small injury that she suffered the week prior. Although her hand was heavily wrapped in a bandage during her appearance on Ten News First, it is evident that she is taking the necessary steps for a successful recovery.

Medical Updates

According to a spokesperson from Network 10, Sandra’s surgery was successful and she is now in the process of healing. While specific details about her injury have not been disclosed, it is comforting to know that she is receiving appropriate medical attention and care. The fact that Sandra’s fingers were concealed under the bandage indicates that extra precautionary measures have been taken to ensure proper healing.

Sandra’s Resilience

Sandra Sully’s dedication to her profession and passion for journalism shines through even during challenging times. Despite her injury, she continued to fulfill her duties as a news presenter, demonstrating her professionalism and commitment. This resilience reflects not only her strong work ethic but also her determination to provide viewers with up-to-date news despite any personal setbacks.

Throughout her career spanning more than three decades, Sandra has established herself as one of Australia’s most recognizable faces in news broadcasting. From being the first Australian journalist to report on the September 11 terrorist attacks to entertaining anecdotes about live TV mishaps involving kangaroos, Sandra’s experiences highlight both her expertise as a journalist and down-to-earth personality.

In conclusion, Sandra Sully’s current state after surgery seems promising as she focuses on recovering from her finger injury. With her unwavering dedication and positive attitude, it is expected that she will soon return to full form, continuing to deliver reliable news updates with professionalism and grace.

F.A.Q Sandra Sully’s Recent Hand Injury Raises Concerns: Is She Leaving 10 News?

What happened to Sandra Sully’s hand?

Sandra Sully recently suffered a hand injury. The specific details of the incident and the extent of her injury have not been publicly disclosed.

Is Sandra Sully okay after the hand injury?

As of the latest available information, Sandra Sully has not provided updates about her condition. It’s important to respect her privacy during her recovery.

Will Sandra Sully’s hand injury affect her work on TV?

It’s unclear at this time how Sandra Sully’s hand injury may impact her work. Her ability to continue with her TV responsibilities will depend on the nature of her injury and her recovery process.

Has Sandra Sully shared any updates or statements about her hand injury?

Sandra Sully has not made any public statements or shared updates regarding her hand injury on her social media or in interviews as of now.

When did Sandra Sully sustain the hand injury?

The exact date of Sandra Sully’s hand injury is not publicly known. The injury was reported recently, but the specific timeline has not been disclosed.


Sandra Sully’s absence from 10 News is due to a hand injury. While her current whereabouts remain undisclosed, there is no evidence to suggest that she has permanently left the news channel. We hope for her swift recovery and eventual return to our screens.

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