Rebecca Romijn wasn’t warned about John Stamos’ memoir

Rebecca Romijn wasn’t warned about John Stamos’ memoir: Rebecca Romijn’s husband, Jerry O’Connell, has spoken out about his ex-husband John Stamos’ memoir revelations, stating that they received no warning about the book’s contents. O’Connell declined to comment on Stamos’ comments about their divorce, stating that it is his wife’s place to address the matter. Stamos had previously admitted to hating Romijn and considering her to be “the devil” after their split. The actor also alleged that Teri Copley cheated on him with Tony Danza. Romijn’s response to the memoir has yet to be heard.

Jerry O’Connell Speaks Out on John Stamos’ Memoir

Jerry O'Connell Speaks Out on John Stamos' Memoir

Jerry O’Connell, the husband of Rebecca Romijn, has broken his silence regarding John Stamos’ memoir. In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” O’Connell revealed that he and his wife were taken by surprise when they learned about the book’s release. He emphasized that they were not given any prior warning or heads up about its contents. Despite being asked about Stamos’ comments on his and Romijn’s divorce, O’Connell chose not to comment, stating that it was not his place to do so. Instead, he expressed his happiness with the current state of his relationship with his wife.

Rebecca Romijn’s Ex-Husband

Before Jerry O’Connell entered the picture, Rebecca Romijn was married to John Stamos. The couple had a decade-long relationship before finalizing their divorce in 2005. Stamos recently admitted in an interview that he had harbored negative feelings towards Romijn after their split, even going as far as to say he “hated” her and considered her to be “the devil.” However, Romijn has yet to publicly respond to these revelations, leaving her current husband, O’Connell, to address the situation.

No Warning about the Memoir

O’Connell expressed his surprise at the lack of warning he and Romijn received about Stamos’ memoir. It seems that they, like everyone else, found out about the book’s release without any prior knowledge. This lack of communication may have caught them off guard, leaving them to navigate the aftermath of the memoir’s revelations without any preparation. The absence of a heads up from Stamos raises questions about the nature of his relationship with his ex-wife and the impact these revelations may have on their lives.

Declines to Comment on Divorce Comments

When asked about Stamos’ comments regarding his and Romijn’s divorce, O’Connell chose not to provide a direct response. He made it clear that he would rather have his wife address the topic herself. This decision to remain silent on the matter suggests that O’Connell wants to respect Romijn’s privacy and allow her to share her own perspective if she chooses to do so. It also indicates that he values their current relationship and prefers to focus on their present rather than dwell on the past.

Getting Along Well with Wife

O’Connell emphasized that he and Romijn are currently in a good place in their relationship. He expressed his satisfaction with their current dynamic and highlighted the positive rapport they share. This statement suggests that despite the revelations in Stamos’ memoir, O’Connell and Romijn have managed to maintain a strong and harmonious partnership. Their ability to navigate through challenging situations and support each other is a testament to the strength of their bond.

John Stamos’ Revelations in His Memoir

John Stamos, known for his role in “Full House,” has recently released a memoir that delves into his personal life and relationships. In this candid account, Stamos opens up about various aspects of his past, including his marriage to Rebecca Romijn and the emotions he experienced during their separation. The memoir provides readers with a deeper understanding of Stamos’ journey and sheds light on the complexities of his personal life.

Admits to Hating Rebecca Romijn

Admits to Hating Rebecca Romijn

In a surprising revelation, Stamos admits to harboring negative feelings towards his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn, after their divorce. He candidly expresses that he “hated” her and even refers to her as “the devil” during that tumultuous period. This admission offers a glimpse into the emotional turmoil Stamos experienced and provides insight into the challenges faced by couples going through a difficult separation. It also highlights the importance of personal growth and forgiveness in moving forward from past relationships.

Shattered by Divorce

Stamos reveals that his divorce from Romijn had a profound impact on him, leaving him “shattered” for an extended period. He candidly shares the emotional toll it took on him, admitting that he carried the pain for years before finally finding a way to heal. This raw and honest account of his emotional journey allows readers to empathize with the actor and understand the long-lasting effects of a significant breakup. It serves as a reminder that even celebrities face heartbreak and struggle to find closure.

Hints at Betrayal

Within the pages of his memoir, Stamos hints at a sense of betrayal he experienced during his relationship with Romijn. He describes a sinking feeling in his stomach, suspicions that clouded his thoughts, and the eventual discovery of a truth that was both uniquely horrible and expected. While he does not explicitly detail the nature of this betrayal, his words evoke a sense of pain and disappointment. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to their relationship and invites readers to reflect on the challenges of trust and loyalty in romantic partnerships.

Other Exes Mentioned in the Book

In addition to his revelations about his relationship with Rebecca Romijn, John Stamos also discusses other significant romantic connections from his past in his memoir. These insights provide a deeper understanding of Stamos’ personal journey and the impact these relationships had on his life.

Allegations of Cheating by Teri Copley

Within the pages of his memoir, Stamos makes allegations of infidelity involving his former partner, Teri Copley. He claims to have caught her in bed with Tony Danza, which undoubtedly had a profound impact on their relationship. While Copley has since stated that they had already broken up at the time of the alleged incident, Stamos’ account sheds light on the challenges and complexities that can arise in romantic partnerships. It serves as a reminder that even in the world of celebrities, relationships are not immune to difficulties and betrayals.

Friendship with Lori Loughlin

Stamos also delves into his close friendship with his “Full House” co-star, Lori Loughlin, in his memoir. He reveals that their relationship teetered on the precipice of romance before he met Romijn, likening the situation to the iconic characters Sandy and Danny in the movie “Grease.” This glimpse into their friendship offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the dynamics between cast members and the complexities that can arise when close friendships blur the lines of romance. Stamos’ candidness allows readers to appreciate the depth of his connection with Loughlin and the impact it had on his personal life.

Rebecca Romijn’s husband, Jerry O’Connell, has spoken out about his ex-husband John Stamos’ memoir revelations. O’Connell revealed that he and Romijn had no prior warning about the book and that they found out about it just like everyone else. When asked about Stamos’ comments on their divorce, O’Connell declined to comment, stating that it’s his wife’s place to address the matter. O’Connell and Romijn have been happily married since 2007, while Stamos admitted to hating Romijn after their split. Stamos also made allegations about other exes in his book, including Teri Copley and Lori Loughlin. Romijn has yet to respond to the memoir.

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