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Man Collects Money Falling From Tree; What Happens Next Is Hilarious


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Prepare to have your funny bone tickled with a hilarious viral video that has taken the internet by storm. In this side-splitting clip, a young man discovers a tree that seemingly grows money. But as the video unfolds, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary tree. Find out what happens when greed meets a mischievous prank in Man Collects Money Falling From Tree; What Happens Next Is Hilarious. See more at website.

Money Growing on Trees Prank Video


Have you ever imagined money growing on trees? While it may seem like an impossible concept, a viral prank video on the internet has captured the attention and laughter of many. This video showcases a hilarious prank involving a tree and unsuspecting individuals.

Prank Description

The video begins with a young man kicking a tree on the side of a pavement. To his surprise, a currency note falls on him. Intrigued, he picks up the note and kicks the tree again, expecting more money to fall. As expected, another note falls down. Delighted, he collects all the currency notes and puts them in his pocket.

Meanwhile, another boy passing by witnesses this unusual sight and becomes curious about the falling money. He approaches the tree and starts shaking it vigorously, hoping to receive currency notes as well. However, the pranksters behind the video had a different plan in mind.

What happens next is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. As the boy shakes the tree, instead of money, water is poured from the tree, completely drenching him. The unexpected turn of events leaves him surprised and soaked.

Reactions and Comments

The rib-tickling video was shared on Instagram and quickly went viral, accumulating over 800,000 likes and numerous comments. Social media users found humor in the prank and shared their thoughts on the lesson it conveyed.

Many viewers emphasized the negative consequences of greed, highlighting that excessive desire for wealth can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Others found amusement in the presence of an older man standing beside the boy, observing the entire prank unfold.

Comments on the video ranged from humorous observations to reflections on human behavior. Some users jokingly remarked on the boy’s expectations, while others appreciated the wisdom of experience represented by the older man. One comment humorously read, “Uncle be like: ‘Acha hai pehle ye gya, warna faltu meri bezzati ho jaati” (It’s good that he went first, otherwise I would have been insulted).

This viral prank video has undoubtedly brought laughter and amusement to countless viewers, reminding us of the importance of not taking life too seriously and finding joy in unexpected moments.

Get ready for a good laugh with this viral prank video that shows money seemingly growing on trees. In the video, a youth kicks a tree and currency notes fall on him, leading to hilarious reactions. However, it turns out to be a prank as the pranksters pour water from the tree, leaving another boy completely drenched. The video has gained immense popularity on Instagram, with people finding humor in the lesson about greed and the reactions of the onlookers. Join in on the laughter and enjoy this light-hearted moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the video about?

The video is a prank video showing a youth kicking a tree and currency notes falling from it, but it turns out to be a prank where water is poured from the tree, drenching the boy.

How did people react to the video?

People on social media found the video hilarious and commented on the lesson of greed and the funny reaction of the boy and the elder uncle.

How viral has the video become?

The video has gone crazy viral on Instagram, with over 800,000 likes and numerous comments.

What lessons can be learned from the video?

The video highlights the negative consequences of greed and the importance of not falling for shortcuts or easy money.

What were some of the comments on the video?

Comments on the video ranged from humorous remarks about the boy’s expectations to reflections on the lesson of greed and the elder uncle’s reaction.

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