Lunden Stallings Issues Apology for Past Tweets Containing Racist Slurs, Sparking Social Media Uproar

In a recent viral video, Lunden Stallings publicly apologizes for controversial tweets from the past that resurfaced, causing a social media storm. The video showcases Stallings expressing remorse for using racially insensitive language, particularly the n-word. Stay tuned as we delve into the aftermath and reactions to this impactful incident.

The Nature of Lunden Stallings’ Old Tweets that Caused a Social Media Storm

Lunden Stallings, a popular TikTok influencer, found herself in the midst of a social media storm after old racist tweets of hers resurfaced. The tweets, which were dated between 2012 and 2014, revealed that Stallings had casually used racial slurs, including the n-word, in her posts. These tweets caused outrage among internet users and led to widespread condemnation of Stallings’ past behavior.

The nature of these old tweets was particularly concerning due to the frequency with which Stallings used racial slurs. Many users pointed out that she had hundreds of tweets containing such language, indicating a pattern of behavior rather than isolated incidents. The offensive nature of these tweets cannot be understated, as they perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to the systemic racism that continues to plague society.

It is important to note that the content of Stallings’ old tweets is deeply hurtful and offensive to communities affected by racism. Using racial slurs and engaging in racially insensitive language not only demonstrates a lack of understanding and empathy but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes and contributes to the marginalization of already oppressed groups.

Issues Raised by Lunden Stallings’ Old Tweets:

  1. The use of racial slurs: The most significant issue raised by Stallings’ old tweets is her casual use of racial slurs. This language is not only disrespectful but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes and contributes to systemic racism.
  2. The frequency of offensive language: The fact that Stallings had hundreds of offensive tweets suggests a pattern of behavior rather than isolated incidents. This raises questions about her values and beliefs at the time.
  3. The impact on marginalized communities: The use of racial slurs and racially insensitive language has a profound impact on communities affected by racism. It reinforces discrimination and can cause emotional harm to those targeted.

How Lunden Stallings Addressed the Backlash Against Her After the Resurfacing of Her Old Tweets

Upon learning about the resurfacing of her old tweets, Lunden Stallings took to TikTok to address the backlash and apologize for her past behavior. In a video accompanied by her wife, Olivia Bennett, Stallings expressed her disgust and shame at her past use of racial slurs. She acknowledged that it was inappropriate and emphasized that she had grown since then.

Stallings’ apology video on TikTok was an attempt to take responsibility for her actions and demonstrate remorse. However, her choice of platform was met with criticism from some users who argued that such a serious matter should have been addressed in a more formal manner or through a longer-lasting medium.

Criticisms of Lunden Stallings’ Apology Video:

  1. Inappropriate choice of platform: Many users felt that addressing such a serious matter through a TikTok story, which disappears after 24 hours, trivialized the issue and lacked sincerity.
  2. Insufficient remorse: Some viewers found Stallings’ apology lacking in genuine remorse. They questioned whether she fully understood the gravity of her past actions and whether she was truly committed to learning from them.
  3. The absence of accountability: Critics argued that Stallings’ apology did not adequately address the harm caused by her past tweets or offer concrete steps towards making amends or educating herself further.

3. Criticisms Leveled Against Lunden Stallings’ Apology Video on TikTok

3. Criticisms Leveled Against Lunden Stallings
After Lunden Stallings released her apology video on TikTok addressing the resurfacing of her old racist tweets, she faced significant criticisms from both TikTokers and other internet users. Many expressed their disappointment with the way she chose to address the scandal, arguing that a serious matter like this should not be dealt with in a disappearing story format that lasts only 24 hours. Some felt that Stallings’ use of TikTok was inappropriate and insincere, as it seemed more like an attempt to save face rather than genuinely address her past behavior.

One Reddit user pointed out that Stallings had plenty of time to know better and questioned why she had hundreds of tweets using racial slurs in the first place. This individual also criticized Stallings for deleting comments on her social media platforms instead of engaging in a meaningful dialogue about the issue at hand. These actions further fueled the public’s disappointment and anger towards her.

Additionally, another TikToker known as “nawalor noel” made a viral video echoing these sentiments. She emphasized that if Stallings truly wanted to take accountability for her past actions, she needed to be prepared to face the consequences, including listening to the feedback from those who were hurt by her words. Overall, there was a general consensus among critics that Stallings’ apology fell short and failed to convey true remorse for her past behavior.

Some criticisms include:

  1. The use of TikTok as an inappropriate platform for addressing such a serious matter.
  2. The perception that Stallings’ apology appeared insincere and more focused on saving face.
  3. The deletion of comments on social media instead of engaging in meaningful dialogue.

4. Responses from Other TikTokers and Internet Users to Lunden Stallings’ Apology

In response to Lunden Stallings’ apology video, TikTokers and internet users had mixed reactions. While some were willing to accept her apology and acknowledged her willingness to take responsibility for her past actions, others remained skeptical of her sincerity.

Several TikTokers expressed the importance of holding Stallings accountable for her words and actions. They emphasized that if she truly wanted to show growth and change, she needed to actively listen to the feedback from those affected by her past racist tweets. Other internet users echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for genuine remorse and a commitment to learning from mistakes.

However, there were also individuals who defended Stallings, arguing that everyone makes mistakes in their youth and that she should be given an opportunity to demonstrate personal growth. Some pointed out that instead of condemning her, efforts should be made to educate and encourage positive change.

Overall, the responses from TikTokers and internet users varied widely, reflecting a range of perspectives on forgiveness, accountability, and personal growth.

Some responses include:

  1. The importance of holding Stallings accountable for her past behavior.
  2. The need for genuine remorse and active listening from Stallings.
  3. Arguments for giving Stallings an opportunity for personal growth.
  4. +

5. Did Lunden Stallings’ Wife, Olivia Bennett, Publicly Support Her in Addressing the Controversy?

5. Did Lunden Stallings

Following the resurfacing of Lunden Stallings’ old racist tweets, many were curious to know if her wife, Olivia Bennett, publicly supported her in addressing the controversy. Some fans and critics were looking for a united front from the couple to address the situation and demonstrate solidarity.

In response to the backlash, Lunden Stallings released a TikTok story apology video with Olivia Bennett by her side. The video showed both of them in solidarity as Stallings took responsibility for her past behavior and expressed her disgust and shame over her use of racial slurs. Although there is no official statement or public comment from Olivia Bennett regarding the controversy surrounding Stallings’ tweets, her presence in the apology video can be seen as a form of support.


  • Lunden Stallings released a TikTok story apology video with Olivia Bennett by her side
  • Olivia Bennett’s presence in the video suggests support for Stallings

6. Actions Taken by Lunden Stallings to Rectify the Situation or Make Amends for Her Past Behavior

6. Actions Taken by Lunden Stallings to Rectify the Situation or Make Amends for Her Past Behavior

In light of the controversy surrounding her old racist tweets, Lunden Stallings has taken several actions to rectify the situation and make amends for her past behavior. In her TikTok story apology video, she acknowledged her mistake and expressed deep regret for using racial slurs.

Stallings also promised to educate herself on racial issues and take active steps towards personal growth and change. While specifics about how she plans to do this were not mentioned in the apology video, she expressed a commitment to learn from her past mistakes and be a better person moving forward.


  • Lunden Stallings acknowledged her mistake and expressed regret
  • She promised to educate herself on racial issues
  • Stallings committed to personal growth and change

7. Impact of the Incident on Lunden Stallings’ Online Presence and Following

7. Impact of the Incident on Lunden Stallings

The resurfacing of Lunden Stallings’ old racist tweets has had a significant impact on her online presence and following. Prior to the controversy, Stallings was known as a popular TikTok influencer with over 703,000 followers on her shared TikTok account with Olivia Bennett.

However, since the incident, Stallings has faced backlash from both fans and critics. Many people have expressed disappointment and anger towards her past behavior, leading to a decline in her online popularity. Some fans have unfollowed or unsubscribed from her social media accounts in response to the controversy.

This incident serves as a reminder that online actions can have long-lasting consequences, even if they occurred years ago. It remains to be seen how this controversy will continue to affect Lunden Stallings’ online presence and following in the future.

In light of the social media storm surrounding Lunden Stallings’ past use of a racial slur in old tweets, the individual has issued a sincere apology. Recognizing the gravity of their actions, it is essential for us all to learn from such incidents and strive for greater understanding and acceptance in our society.

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