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How to change input on hotel TV without buttons? How to unlock the hotel television settings?

Do you know how to change input on hotel TV without buttons? Certainly, it can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know how to do it. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can easily switch between inputs on any hotel TV.

How to change input on hotel TV without buttons? How to unlock the hotel television settings?

How to change input on hotel TV without buttons? How to unlock the hotel television settings?

In this article, Xipolitidis Zachary will discuss the different methods available for changing the input on a hotel TV without buttons. Besides, we also mention how to unlock the hotel television settings? With the right knowledge and a little patience, you can easily change inputs on a hotel TV without any hassles.

How to change input on hotel TV without buttons?

How to change input on hotel TV without buttons?

How to change input on hotel TV without buttons?

You need to disconnect the cable from the control box of the TV. It is as simple as putting that into practice. After that, you should be able to change the input on the TV to the HDMI input of your choice so that you may watch the content you choose.

If the TV in your hotel room doesn’t have a “Source” or “Input” button on the remote, look on the side of the TV for buttons that say “Source” or “Input.” There should be one there.

Use Command Systems

Although it is rapidly becoming obsolete, the On Command system is still used by some full-service hotels. They are also found in some moderate hotels at mid-range prices. Accessing the input controls on one of these TVs can usually be achieved in one of two ways:

TVs with Side-, Bottom-, or Top-Buttons

Placed on the side, bottom, or top of a television set, these are typically the most convenient methods for interaction. Reinstating an input will have no effect on subsequent guests.

Find the cord that looks like an old phone cord that connects the command box to the back of the TV by going to the TV and looking there. It’s called an RJ45 cable. Plug it out.

Going to the television to adjust the volume is an archaic practice. Consider purchasing a streaming stick that detects HDMI ports and has a volume control.

With this set of instructions, you will be able to access the input menu by tapping the input button located on its side. In most cases, you will use the arrow keys to cycle through the list. However, on other sets, it may be necessary to press to cycle until you reach the item you need to select.

TV without buttons

  • Keep pressing and holding the zero button for ten whole seconds.
  • Maintaining pressure on the “*” button for ten seconds is required.

Utilize the “HDMI Port”

Utilize the "HDMI Port"

Utilize the “HDMI Port”

  1. Check the back or side of the TV in your room to see if there is a data line plugged into it. If you can’t find it, call the company that made the TV. The port resembles a phone or a small socket for an Ethernet wire.
  2. Besides, the cable needs to be connected to a box that is situated nearby in order to function properly.
  3. Take the plug out of the outlet before removing the cord from it. In most cases, they include a small plastic tab that is rather fragile and needs to be held down in order to be removed. In order to remove it, you must hold it down.
  4. After turning off the TV and then turning it back on, the second time you try to use the HDMI input, you should be able to use it successfully.
  5. Using this simple method could sometimes make the TV remote control useless. You should still be able to use the controls on the TV, however, to change the volume and switch between the numerous inputs that are available.

Reasons that hotel limit HDMI usage

Most hotel rooms don’t allow you to use HDMI cables to connect laptops or other devices to TVs or monitors. The biggest worry is about security. Hotels are worried that guests could use the HDMI connection to access their network or steal things.

The HDMI cable includes at least one connecting unit consisting of a plurality of parallel metal wires. An insulating unit covers an outside of a face of the connecting unit, in such a manner that the metal wires are parallel and isolated from each other.


It is difficult for hotel workers to keep an eye on guests who display material using a laptop or other device. Some hotels are concerned that this practice violates copyright laws.

Televisions at hotels come preloaded with guest channels, apps, and content. Therefore, the hotel does not want its visitors to find a way around these restrictions. Hotels don’t let you use HDMI ports for these and other reasons, as well as to protect their networks and resources.

Are HDMI ports available on hotel TVs?

When booking a room at a hotel, it’s important to check if the amenities are what you need. For example, some hotels may have HDMI cables in the rooms, while others may have extra ports for connecting USB drives and VGA displays.

The VGA (Video Graphics Array) video connectivity port was introduced by IBM in 1987 as a  video standard for PC desktops.


Use Internet TVs

Internet TVs

Internet TVs

Most newer and updated hotels have TVs with Internet access, and more rooms now have input panels that work with it.

Most of the time, you can switch between inputs on these systems by using the remote control for your TV. Besides, it is essential to ensure that both your streaming stick and its associated control box are linked appropriately. Don’t confuse them with other components of your TV set!

The seemingly accessible HDMI port is actually located on the control box. You should you connect it to your TV, then adjustments must be made so that it functions properly. It is not necessary in any sense. In fact, you should only make these changes if you have trouble getting the system to work with other parts.

Make use of uncontrolled systems

On these platforms, the TV remote may be employed to move between inputs, and you can plug in any devices without having to connect through a cable.

How to unlock the hotel television settings?

How to unlock the hotel television settings?

How to unlock the hotel television settings?

Unlocking your hotel TV settings may require the master code issued by the hotels. Before you go, ask the personnel at check-in for this information, and then put it into your menu to get access to all of its settings.

If the hotel does not provide a master code, you may be able to uncover its default configuration online. Otherwise, contact the TV’s manufacturer for assistance in unlocking the settings.

FAQs How to change input on hotel TV without buttons?

How to manually switch LG inputs?

Some LG TVs have front or side input buttons, making it easy for you to navigate through the menus. To alter input, simply press such a button. If your TV lacks an input button or displays an interface displaying selection options, double-tap its power switch twice.

How to change the Samsung hotel TV input without the remote?

All Samsung TVs come with a TV control button that makes it easy to turn the set on and off and change the volume. In addition to that, many models offer access to Smart Hub; this is where users can access menu items as well as adjust settings.

How to change the input on my LG TV without buttons?

At the rear or lower part of your TV, press the power button. Triggering the entry key will reveal a menu of display inputs for your set. The mouse is utilized to select an input; it’s that simple! In addition, you can refer to how to change input on lg tv in hotel to apply when needed!

What password protects LG input?

The default password for an LG TV is either 0000 or 1234.


In short, how to change input on hotel TV without buttons? Changing the input on a hotel TV without buttons is possible with the right equipment and instructions. It could mean using a universal remote, programming a new remote, or using an HDMI switch. It may also require connecting additional cables to the TV. It is important to read the instructions carefully and be sure to use the correct cables and settings to avoid damaging the TV or other equipment.

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