Harry Porterfield, beloved former CBS 2 News anchor, dead at 95


Harry Porterfield, beloved former CBS 2 News anchor, dead at 95: Legendary CBS 2 news reporter and anchor, Harry Porterfield, has passed away at the age of 95, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy in Chicago.

Remembering the Legacy of Harry Porterfield, a Legendary News Reporter

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Harry Porterfield, a legendary news reporter and anchor, at the age of 95. Harry’s family confirmed that he peacefully passed away on Monday morning due to natural causes after a brief illness, surrounded by his loved ones in Munster, Indiana. Throughout his remarkable 51-year career in television, with nearly three decades spent at CBS 2, Harry left an indelible mark on the industry and the hearts of viewers.

An Illustrious Television Career Filled with Compassion

Harry’s journey in the world of television began in 1964 when he joined CBS 2 as a newswriter. However, it was his warmth, gravitas, and captivating voice that propelled him to become a beloved reporter and anchor. One of his most notable contributions was the creation of the segment “Someone You Should Know,” where he showcased the extraordinary achievements of ordinary Chicagoans. Harry had a genuine passion for everyday people and their stories, and his ability to connect with his audience was unparalleled.

A Boycott and Triumphant Return to CBS 2

In the mid-80s, a regrettable decision by station management led to Harry’s removal from the anchor desk, causing uproar within the African American community. At a time when there were few Black anchors in Chicago, Harry’s absence was deeply felt. Rainbow PUSH spearheaded a boycott of CBS 2, and Harry found a new home at ABC 7. However, his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication brought him back to CBS 2 in 2009, where he anchored the 11 a.m. newscast and continued to share inspiring stories through “Someone You Should Know” for another 6 ½ years before his well-deserved retirement in 2015.

Harry’s impact on the community he served cannot be overstated. He was a deeply admired and well-loved journalist who left an unforgettable legacy in Chicago. His humility and genuine care for others were evident in every story he told. Jennifer Lyons, president and general manager at CBS 2, aptly described Harry as an icon who impacted the lives of many. As we mourn the loss of this remarkable individual, let us remember and celebrate the extraordinary contributions Harry Porterfield made to the world of journalism and the hearts of countless viewers.

Harry Porterfield: Leaving a Lasting Impact and Legacy

Harry Porterfield, the legendary news reporter and anchor, has left an indelible mark on the world of journalism. Throughout his illustrious career, he garnered admiration and love from viewers, becoming a trusted voice in the community. His passing at the age of 95 is a profound loss, but his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

An Admired and Well-Loved Journalist

Harry’s warm and compassionate approach to storytelling endeared him to audiences across Chicago. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life was a testament to his genuine care and empathy. Through his reporting, he shed light on the triumphs and struggles of everyday individuals, giving them a platform to share their stories. Harry’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to truth and integrity made him a respected figure in the field of journalism.

An Unforgettable Legacy for Chicago

Harry’s impact on the city of Chicago cannot be overstated. His stories touched the hearts of countless viewers, fostering a sense of unity and understanding within the community. From his groundbreaking segment “Someone You Should Know” to his unwavering advocacy for underrepresented voices, Harry used his platform to uplift and inspire. His return to CBS 2 after a boycott showcased the immense respect and admiration he commanded, solidifying his place as a beloved figure in Chicago’s media landscape.

As we reflect on Harry Porterfield’s remarkable career, let us remember the profound impact he had on journalism and the lives of those he touched. His legacy will continue to resonate, reminding us of the power of storytelling and the importance of compassion in our pursuit of truth.

Remembering Harry Porterfield: Funeral and Memorial Plans

As we honor the life and legacy of Harry Porterfield, plans have been made to commemorate his remarkable contributions to journalism and the community. While his passing leaves a void in our hearts, we have the opportunity to come together and celebrate the impact he had on our lives.

A Private Funeral and a Public Memorial in Chicago

In accordance with the wishes of Harry’s family, his funeral will be a private affair, allowing them to grieve and say their final goodbyes in an intimate setting. This time of reflection and remembrance will provide solace to those closest to him as they honor his memory.

Additionally, a public memorial is being planned in Chicago to give the community an opportunity to pay their respects and share their own memories of Harry. Details regarding the memorial, including the date, time, and location, will be announced in the near future. This gathering will serve as a testament to the profound impact Harry had on the lives of countless individuals and the city as a whole.

During this time of mourning, let us come together to celebrate the life of Harry Porterfield and the lasting legacy he leaves behind. His dedication to storytelling, compassion for others, and unwavering commitment to truth will continue to inspire and guide us. As we gather to remember him, may we find solace in the memories we shared and the impact he had on our lives.

Harry Porterfield, the legendary former CBS 2 news reporter and anchor, has passed away at the age of 95. With a career spanning over 50 years, Harry was known for his warmth, gravitas, and rich voice. He created the popular segment “Someone You Should Know,” highlighting the extraordinary stories of ordinary Chicagoans. Despite facing challenges, including being pulled from the anchor desk in the mid-80s, Harry’s impact on the community was undeniable. He leaves behind a lasting legacy and will be deeply missed. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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