Hanuman Box Office Collection Day 4: Get ready for an action

Get ready for an action-packed adventure with the highly anticipated film, “Hanuman.” Directed by Prasanth Varma and featuring a stellar cast, this action-adventure fantasy movie has already made waves at the box office, collecting a staggering ₹56.59 Cr in just four days of its release. With its captivating storyline and multi-lingual release, “Hanuman” is set to captivate audiences across India. Join us as we delve into the impressive box office journey of this thrilling cinematic experience.

Hanuman Box Office Collection Day 4

Overview of Hanuman

Experience the thrill and excitement of the highly anticipated film, Hanuman, as it continues to dominate the box office. Directed by the talented Prasanth Varma, this action-adventure fantasy movie has captured the hearts of audiences across India. With its captivating storyline and stellar performances by Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, and Raj Deepak Shetty, Hanuman has exceeded expectations, collecting an impressive ₹15.00 Cr in just four days. This cinematic masterpiece has been released in multiple languages, ensuring that viewers from different regions can enjoy the magic of Hanuman. Join us as we delve into the world of Hanuman and witness the power of this extraordinary film.

Cast and Crew

Hanuman boasts an exceptional ensemble cast that brings the characters to life with their remarkable performances. Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, and Raj Deepak Shetty deliver powerful and nuanced portrayals, captivating audiences with their on-screen chemistry. Under the visionary direction of Prasanth Varma, the film comes alive with his creative vision and expertise. The dedication and talent of the cast and crew have contributed to the success of Hanuman, making it a must-watch cinematic experience.

Release and Budget

Mark your calendars for the release of Hanuman, the action-adventure fantasy movie that has taken the box office by storm. Scheduled to hit cinemas on 12th January 2024, this highly anticipated film promises to transport viewers into a world of thrilling adventure. Backed by a substantial budget of approximately ₹50.00 Cr, the filmmakers have spared no expense in delivering a visually stunning and high-quality movie. From captivating visual effects to meticulous set designs, every aspect of Hanuman has been crafted to perfection. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as Hanuman takes you on an action-packed ride.

Box Office Performance

Expected Collection

The highly anticipated film, Hanuman, has been making waves at the box office with its impressive collection. It is projected to collect a staggering ₹15.00 Cr in its 4-day box office run. This estimate is based on the film’s popularity and the positive word-of-mouth it has generated. Hanuman has exceeded expectations and is set to leave a lasting impact on the box office.

Previous Day Collection

Hanuman has been creating a buzz since its release, and its box office collection in the first three days has been remarkable. The film managed to accumulate an impressive collection of ₹16.94 Cr, a testament to its captivating storyline and exceptional performances. Audiences have been flocking to theaters to experience the magic of Hanuman, resulting in a strong presence at the box office.

Total India Net Collection

The total India net collection of Hanuman currently stands at ₹56.59 Cr, a remarkable achievement for the film. This widespread success can be attributed to its engaging narrative, brilliant direction, and outstanding performances by the cast. Hanuman has resonated with audiences across the country, receiving positive reception and solidifying its position as a box office hit.

Day-wise Collection

Day 0

The box office journey of Hanuman kicked off with a bang on day 0, with an impressive collection of ₹4.35 Cr. This strong start set the tone for the movie’s success and generated excitement among audiences. The film’s captivating storyline and stellar performances immediately grabbed the attention of moviegoers, resulting in a promising opening day collection.

Day 1

On day 1, Hanuman continued to soar at the box office, raking in ₹8.05 Cr. The movie’s popularity was evident as it attracted a wide audience, including fans of action-adventure films and those intrigued by the fantasy genre. The positive word-of-mouth and glowing reviews further contributed to the film’s success on its second day of release.

Day 2

The box office collection of Hanuman witnessed a significant surge on day 2, with an impressive collection of ₹12.45 Cr. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the film’s strong storyline, breathtaking visuals, and the exceptional performances delivered by the talented cast. Audiences were captivated by the movie’s thrilling narrative, resulting in a substantial increase in ticket sales.

Day 3

Day 3 proved to be another milestone for Hanuman, as it amassed a staggering collection of ₹16.94 Cr. The film’s gripping storyline and the emotional depth of the characters resonated with audiences, leading to packed theaters and sold-out shows. The positive buzz surrounding the movie continued to grow, solidifying its position as a box office success.

Day 4

As the movie entered its fourth day, Hanuman maintained its strong presence at the box office, earning ₹15.00 Cr. The film’s consistent performance throughout its opening weekend is a testament to its enduring appeal and the unwavering support of its audience. Hanuman’s box office journey has been nothing short of remarkable, surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows

The morning shows of Hanuman witnessed a remarkable occupancy rate, with theaters bustling with eager moviegoers. Audiences flocked to catch the first screenings of the day, eager to experience the action-packed adventure that the film promised. The captivating storyline and stellar performances ensured that the morning shows were met with enthusiastic applause and a packed house.

Afternoon Shows

The afternoon shows of Hanuman continued to draw in audiences, with theaters buzzing with excitement. Movie enthusiasts took advantage of their lunch breaks and leisure time to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of the film. The captivating visuals and gripping narrative kept viewers on the edge of their seats, making the afternoon shows a popular choice among moviegoers.

Evening Shows

The evening shows of Hanuman witnessed a surge in occupancy, as audiences flocked to theaters after a long day. The film’s popularity and positive word-of-mouth drew in crowds, resulting in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The evening shows provided the perfect opportunity for friends and families to come together and enjoy the thrilling cinematic experience that Hanuman offered.

Night Shows

The night shows of Hanuman were met with anticipation and excitement, as movie enthusiasts sought to end their day with a memorable cinematic experience. The film’s captivating storyline and stunning visuals created a captivating atmosphere, keeping audiences engaged till the late hours. The night shows provided a thrilling and immersive experience, leaving viewers in awe of the film’s grandeur.

Movie Details


The visionary behind Hanuman is none other than Prasanth Varma, who has skillfully helmed the directorial responsibilities. With his creative vision and expertise, Varma has brought the captivating story of Hanuman to life on the big screen. His directorial prowess shines through in every frame, ensuring a visually stunning and engaging cinematic experience for the audience.

Star Cast

Hanuman boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, and Raj Deepak Shetty take on the lead roles, delivering powerful and nuanced portrayals. Their chemistry and dedication to their respective characters add depth and authenticity to the film, making it a memorable cinematic experience.


The production of Hanuman is credited to Primeshow Entertainment, a renowned production company known for their commitment to delivering high-quality films. With their expertise and resources, Primeshow Entertainment has ensured that every aspect of the film, from its production values to its marketing, is of the highest standard. Their dedication to excellence has played a crucial role in making Hanuman a grand cinematic spectacle.


Hanuman is an action-adventure fantasy movie that promises to take audiences on an exhilarating journey. Combining elements of action, adventure, and fantasy, the film offers a thrilling and immersive cinematic experience. With its captivating storyline and breathtaking visuals, Hanuman is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.


Hanuman will be released in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience across India. The film will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, ensuring that viewers from different regions can enjoy the movie in their preferred language. This multi-lingual approach adds to the film’s accessibility and widens its reach among cinema lovers.

Release in Cinemas

The much-awaited release of Hanuman in cinemas is scheduled for 12th January 2024. Fans and movie enthusiasts can mark this date on their calendars and prepare themselves for an epic cinematic experience. The film’s release in theaters allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the grandeur of the visuals and the captivating narrative, making it a must-watch on the big screen.


The information provided about the box office collection of Hanuman and other movie details is based on our own research and sources. While we strive to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data, we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy. The box office collection figures are subject to change and may vary from official sources. We advise readers to refer to official sources or reliable industry reports for the most accurate and up-to-date information. We do not take responsibility for any misunderstandings or discrepancies that may arise from the provided information.In conclusion, the highly anticipated film “Hanuman” has made a significant impact at the box office, surpassing its budget of ₹50.00 Cr and collecting an estimated ₹15.00 Cr in just four days. Directed by Prasanth Varma and featuring a talented cast, the action-adventure fantasy movie has captivated audiences across India in multiple languages. The success of “Hanuman” can be attributed to its engaging storyline, stunning visuals, and exceptional performances. As the film continues to make waves, it is clear that “Hanuman” has left a lasting impression on viewers and solidified its position as a box office success.

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