Flame Monroe Slams Angelica Ross After Speaking On Jess Hilarious

Flame Monroe Slams Angelica Ross After Speaking On Jess Hilarious – In the world of entertainment, Flame Monroe takes a direct shot at Angelica Ross following her remarks about Jess Hilarious. The clash between the two personalities has captured attention, sparking discussions among fans and followers. As tensions escalate, people eagerly await to see how this celebrity feud unfolds and if it will have further repercussions in the industry.

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    Flame Monroe Criticizes Angelica Ross for Speaking About Jess Hilarious

    Flame Monroe Criticizes Angelica Ross for Speaking About Jess Hilarious

    Flame Monroe Criticizes Angelica Ross for Speaking About Jess Hilarious

    It seems like Flame Monroe is the latest public figure to comment on the ongoing dispute between Jess Hilarious and TS Madison. Flame took to Instagram live to address her thoughts on the ‘Pose’ star, Angelica Ross, who had previously criticized Flame’s career and accused her of making transphobic jokes. According to Ross, Flame faced significant backlash after her appearance on Comic View on BET, which allegedly affected her career. Ross suggested that Flame should use self-deprecating humor instead of making jokes that could be perceived as transphobic.

    In response to Ross’s tweets, Flame Monroe responded on IG live, claiming that Ross had financial difficulties and had to move out of her rented $10,000 house because she couldn’t afford it. Flame also criticized Ross’s talents, saying she is not a universal or mainstream artist but rather someone who would remain confined to the gay community.

    This entire controversy started when Jess Hilarious had a heated debate with TS Madison, an actress, transgender TV personality, and LGBTQIA+ activist. It began after Jess responded to a trans TikToker’s video, where the TikToker expressed that cis women don’t own periods or womanhood. Jess reacted strongly to this claim, defending cis women and asserting that they are the gatekeepers of periods and womanhood.

    The argument between Jess and the trans TikToker revolves around the issue of ownership and identity, with Jess emphasizing the biological aspect of being a woman and the unique experiences that come with it. TS Madison later expressed her love and support for cisgender women after the feud with Jess Hilarious.

    Overall, this whole controversy highlights the complexities and sensitivities surrounding discussions of gender and identity in today’s society.

    Ts Madison and Angelica Ross Confront a Comedian’s Transphobic Tirade

    Transgender celebrities are denouncing comedian Jess Hilarious following her transphobic diatribe on social media.

    Over the weekend, Jess Hilarious responded to a video from a trans TikToker, Blessing Rose, who was addressing a transphobic comment on TikTok. In the original video, Blessing Rose stated, “You don’t own periods, you don’t own womanhood. You experience both, and both are different for every person, but as a cis woman, it doesn’t belong to you, so you can’t gatekeep it.”

    In her response, Jess Hilarious questioned who would stand up for “real women” and referred to trans women as having a “delusion.” She made a comparison to individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses, suggesting that trans women were no different except for not wearing straitjackets.

    She continued by asserting that cis women are the “gatekeepers” of periods and emphasized that only they experience menstruation and childbirth, making them the creators of trans individuals. She concluded by stating that trans individuals can never be like cis women and are pursuing something unattainable.

    However, Blessing Rose’s intention was to point out that trans men, nonbinary individuals, and others who don’t identify with womanhood still experience periods. It is essential to recognize that some trans women may experience PMS-like symptoms due to hormone therapy, though they do not have menstrual cycles.

    Ts Madison, a reality star, actress, and activist, appeared to indirectly address the incident on Saturday. She expressed concern about “real” women being mistaken for transgender women and highlighted the need to understand how transphobia affects all women.

    It’s crucial to promote understanding and empathy when discussing gender identity and experiences, respecting the diverse perspectives and challenges faced by different individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.

    Madison shared a video on Instagram where Jess Hilarious confessed that in the past, people had wrongly assumed she was a transgender woman. She also revealed that a male celebrity had proposed flying her to his location for sexual activities.

    Other prominent figures also used social media to educate the comedian. Raquel Willis, an activist and writer, shared her thoughts on Twitter, stating, “Cis individuals need to recognize that trans individuals are not secondary characters. We are significant players too. Your strong desire to be considered the norm will be your downfall, whether you’re aware of it or not.”

    She further explained, “Many trans individuals acknowledge the constraints imposed by societal norms of gender and biological sex, and we actively strive to forge the lives we deserve despite these limitations. Cis individuals could benefit from learning from us instead of accepting these limitations, succumbing to insecurities, and leading unfulfilling lives.”

    Actress Angelica Ross offered a contrasting perspective, stating on Twitter, “The transgender women are going to educate Jess in a unique manner, we refer to it as ‘reading for BLOOD.’ And I GUARANTEE you, she won’t want any part of this. I’ve been attempting to keep the transgender women calm, but there are limits to what I can do.”

    Afterward, Ross shared a snapshot of a private message the comedian had forwarded to her, accompanied by the caption, “how HILARIOUS.”

    Despite Jess Hilarious not having taken down her video or addressed the issue publicly, putting aside the entertaining confrontations, we appreciate Angelica, Raquel, and Ts for their timely reminder that transphobia impacts everyone. The true “delusion” lies in a cis woman mistakenly viewing her trans sisters as opponents instead of recognizing them as invaluable allies in the fight against patriarchy.


    In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Flame Monroe’s response to Angelica Ross’s comments on Jess Hilarious reflects the complexities and sensitivities surrounding discussions of gender identity and LGBTQ+ issues. Flame Monroe’s strong reaction and subsequent confrontation with Angelica Ross highlight the importance of fostering understanding and empathy within the community. It is crucial to remember that open dialogue and education are essential in promoting inclusivity and support for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or orientation. As we continue to navigate these discussions, let us strive to build bridges of acceptance and respect, embracing each other as allies in the ongoing struggle for equality and unity.

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