How to successfully check into a hotel early? Things to know when checking into a hotel early

You’ve been planning this trip for a while and can’t wait to start your vacation, but you find out that hotel check-in is at 3 pm. You’d love to get into the room sooner, so what should you do? Is checking into a hotel early even possible?

How to successfully check into a hotel early? Things to know when checking into a hotel early

How to successfully check into a hotel early? Things to know when checking into a hotel early

In this blog post, Zachary Xipolitidis will investigate how to successfully check into a hotel early – from which hotels offer it and when it’s available, through to tips for getting your room as soon as possible. Read on if you’d like to ensure an easy check-in experience upon arrival.

Can you check into a hotel early?

Can you check into a hotel early?

Can you check into a hotel early?

Can you check in early at a hotel? You can definitely check into a hotel early. However, it may depend on the hotel’s availability and policies. Some hotels may allow you to check in as early as 10 am, while others will not let you check in until 3 pm or later.

If you would like to request an early check-in, it is best to call the hotel ahead of time and inquire about their policies. The hotel staff may be able to tell you more about whether or not you can check in early and how much it will cost. Also, if early check-in isn’t possible, they might be able to suggest other solutions.

If nothing else works, ask if they have a place to store your bags so you can drop them off before the official check-in time. In the end, it is important to check each hotel’s rules ahead of time to make sure you are ready when you get there.

The primary function of a hotel or motel is to provide lodging facilities to the general public. In addition, most hotels or motels provide food to guests and many sell alcoholic beverages. These establishments may also earn revenue from other activities such as valet services offering cleaning and laundering of garments for guests, news stands, and renting out rooms for meetings, lectures, trade exhibits, and weddings.


Guidelines for checking in early at a hotel

Guidelines for checking in early at a hotel

Guidelines for checking in early at a hotel

Simple arrive and ask

Show up at the hotel and ask if your room is available for early entry. If you check in at 3 p.m., arrive at 1 p.m. and ask if your room is ready.

Some hotels don’t let people check in before 6 or 7 a.m., so this is an exception. If you check in before that time (say, 5 a.m.), you may be charged a full day or partial rate. If you check in before midnight or 1 a.m., you will be charged for the whole night.

Early check-in is usually not possible before 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., although this depends on hotel room availability (and housekeeping procedures).

Tips: You should ask hotel staff questions with polite behavior and a friendly smile. And thanks to that, your request will be easily accepted and processed as quickly as possible.

Make a call in advance

Advising the night prior or early in the day is best if possible, particularly when booking a stay.

When asked about early check-in, hotel personnel often claim they are unable to guarantee anything until a guest arrives. Occasionally, however, they may be able to promise that the room will be ready when guests arrive.

If you call the night before and don’t get an answer upon early check-in, ask for the room number that was reserved before that night. If the hotel room is not full, some rooms will be empty before check-in.

Check the hotel’s website the night before to see if many rooms are available. On the day of your stay, let the caller know how close you are to the hotel. Let them know you’re on your way to the hotel to force them to check if your room is ready instead of giving generic feedback.

Send an advance email

Another option is to email the hotel and ask for an early check-in. Normally, if you needed an early check-in for a very specific reason, you would choose this option.

If this is the case, you should try sending an email a few days before your scheduled check-in time. The hotel staff will very likely inform you that they cannot promise that you will be able to check in early. Nevertheless, they will make a note of it on your reservation and may prioritize the cleaning of your room.

Use hotel’s apps or websites

Now, you can ask for an early check-in at some hotels online or through their mobile app. This makes it easy for guests to take advantage of this option. Several chains have also started giving special treatment to people who choose “early check-in” when they book their stay.

Elite status

The Hotel Elite Membership Program is an excellent avenue to gain early check-in privileges. Early check-in is a great perk for people who are on the lower end of the elite status ladder.

Although hotel elite status does not ensure early check-in, it enhances one’s chances of securing an earlier booking. You can show your status when you ask for pre-arrival priority. Though typically staff members at the reception desk will know visitors regarding their special level.

Choose from different hotels’ programs

There are a number of unique hotel programs that provide you with the option to check in early. However, the majority of the time, this perk is contingent on there being space available.

Consider enrolling in one or more of the following programs:

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  • Visa Signature Luxurious Hotel Collection

These opportunities not only provide the opportunity for early check-in. It also offer remarkable perks such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts,… It is therefore imperative that you investigate these advantages.

Ask for lower demand

Request a downgrade if you need a place right away and don’t care about the type of accommodation or its availability. It’s among the best methods for arriving early.

It’s not certain that the hotel will give you back the difference in room rate because you’re getting something out of it (early check-in). However, it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if you’re staying for more than one night.

Ask about available premium upgrades

Otherwise, you can inquire about the possibility of an upgrade for an additional fee. It is possible that your standard room is not available, but there are more advanced rooms available. If you have no chance of getting an upgrade for free, you might want to ask if you can buy an upgrade if you need the room right away.

Regular customers

Most hotels provide frequent visitors with preferential treatment. If you frequent a hotel, you may get early check-in. If you get along with hotel management or personnel, this is especially true.

Arrive with enthusiasm and exclaim, “Ah ha! It’s delightful to be back at the hotel!” she said. during check-in. Is it possible to make early room arrangements? By alerting the front desk personnel of your prior patronage, you may expedite check-in procedures.

Choose 24-hour stay

You could end up staying in a hotel that allows you to check in at any time of day but demands that you leave within 24 hours of your arrival. As a result, if you checked in at ten a.m., you would be expected to check out by ten a.m. the next day. Have no qualms with this, as long as you have a strategy in place for checking out of the hotel.

Rate for a half-day

Check-ins in the early morning may be offered a “day rate” or a “half-day rate.” This might be 50% of the nightly cost or another financial amount.

If offered, inquire about early check-in to save the half-day charge. You may be able to negotiate half-day rates depending on your arrival time.

How to successfully check in early?

How to successfully check in early?

How to successfully check in early?

Have you ever wondered if you could check into a hotel early and how you could do so? Perhaps, the answer is yes.

Early check-in at hotels can be an excellent option if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on your vacation. While some hotels may not offer the option of checking in early at hotel, many do with advance notice. Here’s what you need to know about how to make sure you can early check in at the hotel.

Use the app for your hotel to check in

Many hotels now offer the option to check in online before you arrive. These hotel chains let you check in on your phone 24–48 hours ahead of time and give you the option to write down your arrival time. This worked for check-ins as early as 8 a.m., and the hotel sent a message through the app when the room was ready. This will help speed up the process at the front desk and ensure that your room is ready when you arrive.

Call the hotel directly

Calling the hotel directly is often the best way to ensure you can check in early. This tactic gives you the opportunity to speak with a real person and make sure that your request is known and noted by the staff. You should also be polite and understanding when asking, as hotels do have certain policies they have to abide by.

When you book, ask for an early check-in

If you’re booking your stay online, make sure to put in a special request for early check-in. Most hotels will do their best to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that the earlier you ask, the better chance you have of getting it granted, as many hotels fill up quickly.

With a little bit of planning and flexibility, you should be able to successfully the checking into hotel early. Keep in mind that it is always best to call ahead as this will make sure that your request is known to the hotel in advance.

Advice for arriving early

Advice for arriving early

Advice for arriving early

Call pre-arrive

You should call before check-in, regardless of your check-in time. Calling in advance will increase your chances of an early check-in. If you let the staff know you’re coming, they can arrange a room.

Chances are they’ll get the room ready on time, but not early if they don’t know you’re coming. When you call ahead, they can tell you about an early check-in time.

Be polite

Always be courteous to your personnel. Keep in mind that front desk personnel do not prepare or clean rooms. No matter how soon you enter your room, putting these things in perspective will make you feel better.

Being kind to employees will make them want to help even if they are unable to, improving your chances of receiving a free room.

Ask about a downgrade

You should notify staff if you need a room immediately. Suite or deluxe room reservations may not allow early check-in.

Accepting the downgrade will allow you to sign up earlier. Simple rooms are easier to prepare, and usually one or two rooms are available. Tell them you will accept any room they offer. This allows staff to find your room faster.

Relax in the lobby

If you can’t register early, make the most of your time. While you wait, you can generally get a drink or an appetizer at the lobby bar or restaurant.

Ask the front desk or service staff for an interesting service as you wait for check-in.

Try food

If you are unable to check in early, request a food. Consider eating at a hotel restaurant. Or, try some local cuisine.

The front desk is well-versed in the area. Asking for food and ideas for afternoon relaxation will aid in the formation of a friendship. Expect the best counsel possible.

You might as well relax and enjoy the wait. Relax and people-watch, or stroll the kids around the neighborhood. The hotel staff can recommend locations to visit.

Be versatile

Call ahead to arrange pre-check-in if available. Don’t make the hotel front desk personnel feel awful if there’s no room early. If you cannot check in early, try to explore and exercise. Taking a walk in the fresh air while driving or flying will feel great.

What to do if you don’t get early check-in at the hotel?

What to do if you don't get early check-in at the hotel?

What to do if you don’t get early check-in at the hotel?

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to check in early at hotel. If this is the case, there are still some options available.

Check-in your bags

Most hotels have a baggage storage area where you can drop off your bags and pick them up later when your room is ready.

Ask if rooms are available earlier in the day. While they may not be able to guarantee early check-in, some hotels are willing to make an exception on certain occasions.

Relax in the bar, lounge, etc

If there’s no room available yet, you may be able to relax in the lobby or a lounge area of the hotel. Many hotels also offer complimentary amenities such as free Wi-Fi and refreshments.

Ask for the cleanest room

Ask the hotel if they have any rooms that have already been cleaned and are ready for early check-in. This may not be possible in busy times but is worth a try.

Explore nearby attractions

If you’re unable to get an early check-in, why not make the most of your time and explore some local attractions? This can be a great way to pass the time until you’re able to check-in.

FAQs: checking into a hotel early

Will I be charged if I leave a hotel early?

Still, every hotel has its own rules, which should answer this question for you when you check-in. If the policy says that there are no refunds for early departures, you will be charged for the whole time you were supposed to stay.

Why do hotels have such early check-out times?

Hotels also risk losing money if you leave, say, at 8 p.m., which is well after the time most people want to check-in. If you stay late at a lot of hotels, you might have to pay extra—or you might not. If a guest stays too long, a hotel might charge them a fixed fee or half of the daily room rate.

What will happen if I arrive early?

If you check in early, you can get through security more quickly. When you get to the airport, you can go straight to security if you aren’t checking any bags. In addition, if you check in late, you might have to wait for an available room, or the hotel could charge a late check-in fee. To avoid this, it’s best to plan ahead and book your room in advance. That way, you can be sure there will be a room available when you arrive. Thus, you already know how late can you check into a hotel, right? It’s easy!

Can you check into a hotel at 6 am?

You can check-in, but a room might not be clean and ready the night before. Some hotels charge extra to let you check in early, while others don’t. But hotels can’t promise that you can check in early, especially if they were all full the night before.


In conclusion, checking into a hotel early can be a great way to maximize your stay and make the most of your time. However, it’s important to remember that not all hotels will allow you to check in early and if they do, there may be extra fees involved. It’s best to research ahead of time what each hotel offers and plan accordingly.

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