New Viral Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video Revealed – Watch the Full Video Here

New Viral Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video Revealed – Watch the Full Video Here

Introducing the shocking and viral video of a brutal chainsaw execution, newly revealed in its entirety. Brace yourself for an intense viewing experience as we delve into this disturbing footage, uncovering the dark reality of cartel violence. Watch the full video now and prepare to be shocked.


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The Significance of the Video Circulating the Internet for Years

New Viral Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video Revealed - Watch the Full Video Here

New Viral Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video Revealed – Watch the Full Video Here

The video capturing the brutal decapitation of Felix Gamez Garcia and Barnabas Gamez Castro has been circulating on the internet for years, attracting widespread attention and shock. This video holds significant cultural and societal implications as it exposes the violent actions carried out by members allegedly associated with Cartel de Sinaloa. The graphic nature of the video serves as a stark reminder of the brutal reality faced by those involved in drug cartels.

This viral video has sparked debates and discussions surrounding cartel violence, criminal organizations, and their impact on society. It sheds light on the extreme measures taken by cartels to assert control, intimidate rivals, and maintain their power. The video serves as a grim testament to the ruthlessness and brutality that exists within these criminal networks.

Despite its disturbing content, this video has played a role in raising awareness about the far-reaching consequences of drug trafficking and organized crime. It serves as a reminder of the dangers posed not only to those directly involved but also to innocent individuals caught in the crossfire. The circulation of this video continues to serve as a cautionary tale about the consequences of involvement with drug cartels.


– Raises awareness about cartel violence
– Highlights extreme measures taken by cartels
– Serves as a cautionary tale about involvement with drug cartels


– Sparks debates and discussions surrounding organized crime
– Sheds light on ruthless nature of criminal networks
– Reminds society of dangers posed by drug trafficking

Felix Gamez Garcia and Barnabas Gamez Castro: Alleged Connection to Cartel de Sinaloa

In the infamous viral video showing two men being decapitated, one is identified as Felix Gamez Garcia while another is Barnabas Gamez Castro, who is also Felix’s uncle. Both men are alleged members of Cartel de Sinaloa, one of the most notorious drug cartels in Mexico. While their involvement with Cartel de Sinaloa cannot be conclusively proven, they themselves admit to working for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, a prominent figure associated with the cartel.

This alleged connection to Cartel de Sinaloa adds another layer of significance to the video. It underscores the reach and influence of this criminal organization, known for its involvement in drug trafficking and acts of violence. The video serves as a chilling demonstration of the power that these cartels hold over their members and the ruthless measures they take against those who cross them.

Felix Gamez Garcia:

– Alleged member of Cartel de Sinaloa
– Involved in drug trafficking activities
– Victim shown being decapitated in the video

Barnabas Gamez Castro:

– Alleged member of Cartel de Sinaloa
– Uncle of Felix Gamez Garcia
– Admits to working for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

3. Unveiling the Duties of Halcones and Riding in Convoys for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

3. Unveiling the Duties of Halcones and Riding in Convoys for Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

In the video, Felix Gamez Garcia and Barnabas Gamez Castro admit to working for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. They reveal that their duties included being halcones, which translates to “hawks” in English. Halcones are individuals who act as lookouts for drug cartels, providing information about law enforcement or rival gangs within their territory.

Additionally, the men mention that they were sometimes asked to ride in convoys. This role involves accompanying high-ranking cartel members during transportation, providing an extra layer of security and surveillance. Riding in convoys can be dangerous and requires vigilance to protect against potential threats or ambushes.

1. Role of Halcones:

  • Halcones serve as lookouts for drug cartels.
  • Their main responsibility is to gather information about law enforcement activities and rival gang movements within the cartel’s territory.
  • Halcones play a crucial role in maintaining the cartel’s operations by alerting members about potential risks or threats.

2. Duties of Riding in Convoys:

  • Riding in convoys involves accompanying high-ranking cartel members during transportation.
  • This role provides additional security and surveillance for the convoy.
  • Individuals riding in convoys must remain vigilant and be prepared to respond to any potential threats or attacks.

4. Analyzing the Unique Characteristics of Sicarios in the Viral Video

The sicarios seen holding Felix Gamez Garcia and Barnabas Gamez Castro in the viral video exhibit distinct characteristics commonly associated with individuals involved in cartel violence. These characteristics highlight the ruthless and brutal nature of these sicarios:

1. Lack of Remorse:

The sicarios show no remorse for their actions, displaying a complete disregard for human life. Their callousness is evident as they go about performing their gruesome task with full intent.

2. Typical Traits of Sicarios:

  • The sicarios showcased in the video adhere to the typical profile seen in similar videos depicting cartel violence.
  • This includes displaying a high level of loyalty and obedience to their cartel leaders, executing orders without question.
  • Sicarios often possess advanced combat skills, allowing them to carry out violent acts efficiently and effectively.
  • They are known for maintaining a low-profile existence, operating covertly within cartel networks.

5. Speculation and Evidence Surrounding Identity of Sicarios Holding Men in the Video

5. Speculation and Evidence Surrounding Identity of Sicarios Holding Men in the Video

The identity of the sicarios holding Felix Gamez Garcia and Barnabas Gamez Castro in the video remains uncertain due to the lack of definitive evidence. Speculation regarding their affiliation with specific criminal organizations continues to circulate:

1. Unclear Criminal Organization Affiliation:

No concrete information has emerged regarding which criminal organization these sicarios belong to. The lack of clear identifiers makes it challenging to attribute their actions to any specific cartel.

2. Possible Forever Unsolved Mystery:

  • Given the clandestine nature of cartels and their ability to remain elusive, it is possible that definitive answers regarding the identity of these sicarios may never come to light.
  • Their anonymity serves as a protective measure, shielding them from exposure and potential retribution.

6. Barnabas Gamez Castro’s Message for Those Considering Involvement with Drug Cartels

Barnabas Gamez Castro delivers a powerful message to individuals contemplating involvement with drug cartels, highlighting the harsh realities they may face:

1. Consequences of Joining the Dark Side:

Barnabas urges potential recruits to carefully consider the consequences before deciding to enter the dark world of drug cartels. He emphasizes that once someone joins, there is no turning back, with dire outcomes awaiting those who attempt to sever ties.

2. True Colors of Cartel Members:

  • In his broken voice, Barnabas reveals that the people associated with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman are not what they appear to be.
  • This statement suggests that individuals should not be deceived by the superficial glamour or promises of power often associated with cartel affiliations.

7. Don Gamez Castro’s Insight: Drug Cartels’ Payment Scale and Their Last Job’s Earnings

Don Gamez Castro sheds light on the minimal payment scale within drug cartels and shares details about his final job earnings:

1. Low Pay in Drug Cartels:

According to Don Gamez Castro, drug cartels do not provide substantial financial compensation for their members’ risky endeavors.

2. Meager Payment for Last Job:

  • In his interview, Don Gamez Castro discloses that he was paid 300 pesos (equivalent to $21 USD) for his last job.
  • He highlights the inadequate compensation, emphasizing that such meager amounts are not worth sacrificing one’s life for.
  • Don Gamez Castro humorously remarks that he would require at least $25 USD to consider undertaking such dangerous tasks.

F.A.Q New Viral Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video Revealed – Watch the Full Video Here

What is the Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video?

The Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video refers to a graphic and disturbing video that depicts an act of violence, often involving a chainsaw, typically associated with criminal cartels. This video contains explicit and gruesome content and is not suitable for all audiences.

Where can I find the Cartel Chainsaw Execution Video?

We do not condone or support the sharing or seeking of such violent and illegal content. The distribution and possession of such videos are often illegal and can result in serious legal consequences. It is strongly advised not to seek or share such content.

Why are these videos so widely discussed?

These videos often garner attention due to their shocking and disturbing nature. They are sometimes shared or discussed in the media as a way to highlight the violence associated with criminal cartels and to raise awareness about the need for law enforcement and international cooperation to combat organized crime.

Are there any legal implications for sharing or viewing such videos?

Yes, there can be serious legal consequences for sharing or viewing such videos. Distributing violent and explicit content is typically illegal in many jurisdictions and may result in criminal charges. Additionally, viewing such content can have psychological and emotional effects on individuals.

How can I report or address the presence of such content online?

If you come across such violent and explicit content online, it is essential to report it to the appropriate authorities and the platform where you found it. Most social media platforms and websites have mechanisms for reporting such content. It’s crucial to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in your region to ensure that illegal activities are properly investigated and addressed.


The recently revealed viral video depicting a gruesome cartel chainsaw execution has sparked widespread shock and concern. This disturbing footage serves as a stark reminder of the brutality and violence associated with criminal organizations. It is crucial for authorities worldwide to collaborate in their efforts to dismantle such cartels and ensure justice for their victims. Additionally, the circulation of such graphic content highlights the importance of responsible media consumption and stricter regulations to prevent its dissemination.

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