Broma a nicola video

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Broma a nicola video

A video featuring Nicola Porcella and Sergio Mayer has emerged on social media, generating heated discussions and controversy. The video, which has been shared uncensored due to the live streaming nature of the show’s setting, captures a prank initiated by Wendy Guevara.

Following the incident, Nicola, a Peruvian contestant, expressed his only complaint, stating that facial cream was used on his body during the prank. While trying to cover his intimate areas, he began gathering the fallen cream back into the container.

Former “Casa de los Famosos” participant, Apio Quijano, addressed the incident on TikTok, acknowledging that it originated as a prank but stressing the need for setting boundaries.

While the participants may consider it a playful prank, opinions about the video vary widely. Some view it as a simple joke, while others label it as “sexual abuse.” Despite the casual response from the house members, the video has sparked a significant uproar online.

The incident occurred on July 29, in the room occupied by Team Infierno. In the video, Wendy is seen approaching Nicola and removing his shorts. Sergio Mayer and Poncho de Nigris join the prank, completely tearing Nicola’s garment, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Amidst laughter, Nicola pleads for them to stop and questions their actions. After undressing him, they proceed to apply facial cream to his intimate area, while he resists and they playfully spank him.

Although considered a tasteless prank, the video quickly went viral on social media due to concerns about potential harassment. The act of undressing Nicola without his consent and touching him inappropriately has raised ethical questions.

As of now, the producers of the reality show and the house manager have not commented on the incident. However, it is expected that this incident will not go unnoticed as discussions surrounding consent and respect continue to gain momentum.

The video serves as a reminder of the importance of considering boundaries and consent, even in the context of entertainment. It has ignited conversations within the reality show community and prompted reflection on responsible conduct and the impact of such incidents.


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